There is something magic about trees and treehouses. Living or just staying a night in tree house it's  a unique experience. Whenever I can I find tree house hotels to spend the night I do it. And every treehouse is different, like any tree is different from another. 

On Christmas day of 2011 in a trip to Portland I had the chance to stay in the "Out 'n about" Treehouse resort in Oregon. It's very busy and booked summertime, but the fresh air and the thick winter mist made it even more magic. 

They have many choices of beautiful abodes on trees. I chose the seredipity treehouse. Tiny and cozy. The best part was waking up surrounded by windows facing the tree that was embracing us, and hearing the birds few inches away celebrating in their own way that special Christmas day. 

There are bridges between trees and tree-rooms. Cabins with or without bathrooms and showers, for any taste and preference. 

It's a great experience I would suggest to any treehouse or nature lover that maybe on his way to Portland or to California going south, that wants to spend a night or two in a gorgeous forest in contact with nature.